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    SpeedTree Modeler v6.0.1 Released

    SpeedTree Modeler v6.0.1, featured in both SpeedTree Cinema and SpeedTree Studio, has been released for evaluation and license.

    Already licensed? Contact [email protected] for instructions on getting the free upgrade.

    Evaluator? Regardless when you evaluated version 6, you’ll get another 10 day trial with v6.0.1.

    New features include:

    1. Added relative spine length options
    Three new spine properties have been added, Length style, Length percentage, and Limit length. Length style can be set to "absolute" or "relative". Used in tandem these properties allow for branch length to depend on the length of parent branches. The optional length limiter will ensure that no branches are longer than the generic Length value.

    2. Added absolute branch radius option
    A new branch property has been added, Radius style, which allows for branches to be computed with an "absolute" radius. This is ideal for secondary branches, or long stems like those of a Weeping Willow, where each node should be uniform in thickness.

    3. Added relative path support to the SpeedTree FBX Processor for 3ds Max
    Texture paths that have been manually converted to relative through an FBX ASCII export can be read by the SpeedTree FBX Processor script in 3ds Max. Relative paths are not supported natively for FBX files in 3ds Max.

    4. Simple mode improvements
    Two wind properties (Apply and Weight) and mesh LOD index properties were added back to the simple mode set. Additionally, buttons were added to the quick launch screen for purchasing tree models (Studio), world building (Cinema/Games), and to randomize the current tree. Navigation controls also noted on the quick launch screen.

    5. Miscellaneous
    Reduced memory usage, bug fixes, and minor performance enhancements.

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    Just have to say that this is a very impressive product! I've pretty much spent all of the last three days trying to teach myself the Studio version. I'm a professional forest ecologist (retired U.S. Forest Service), so I'm probably a bit picky. But, the software capabilities are quite impressive! Thank you to whomever designed the Version 6 user interface, and made the various windows dockable (and moveable)! For those of us whose eyes are past 65 years of age, the ability to move the various windows to more comfortable arrangements across two monitors is very welcome, indeed. The Manual is well written, and makes it relatively easy to teach oneself how to use the program. (Of course, I have a long way to go, still!) The drawing tools have excellent performance. The ability to generate custom leaf meshes from images, and the ability to import mesh objects (fruit and cones, or just highly sculpted flower parts or fruiting bodies) via the Frond Mesh goes a long way to make Speedtree 6 the most capable tool for building accurate models of trees and shrubs. I held my breath a bit at the price for the Studio 6 version, since I am mostly a hobbyist and occasional freelancer. But for a forester such as myself, this is going to be a seriously worthwhile investment with lots of utility and power for the next year or so. (Wish we Studio folk had "quads", tho!) But still, a great, great product!

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