SpeedTree For Games Product Suite

When you license SpeedTree for Games you'll receive a suite of tools and art assets designed to cover all aspects of tree modeling and rendering that integrates with your game design software implementation. Here's what you get in this product suite:

SpeedTree Modeler

This is where it all starts. The Modeler covers all aspects of modeling including procedural and hand drawing methods, wind, LOD, lighting, physics, and more. It even does world building for large scale tree placement!

Tree Model Library

SpeedTree allows you to load any tree from our Model Library.

Export Meshes

Bypass our rendering code, or export high-detail trees for use in the modeling package of your choice. We export to popular formats such as FBX and OBJ, and include wind animation and skinned skeletons.

SpeedTree Compiler

This light-weight app gets trees primed for real-time rendering. Use the Compiler to combine efficient real-time tree models, texture atlases, and 360° normal-mapped billboards in no time.

SpeedTree SDK

This set of C++ classes conquers all of the tasks associated with high performance tree rendering, all in a way that is easy to integrate.