Introducing SpeedTree 7 for Games

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No matter where you fall in the production pipeline, SpeedTree has you covered with its state-of-the-art game development software. Whether you’re looking to create serious games ecosystems, video game forests or any other real-time application tree or plant, SpeedTree for Games is the software you need.

Evaluate or Upgrade to Version 7

New Features Include:

Rolling Wind Effects
In the same way that real wind gusts through nature, SpeedTree grass and trees now react rhythmically and believably to anything from breezes to gales. Each leaf and blade of grass animates uniquely.
Increased performance throughout, including faster instance paging, faster constant buffer updates, and shader optimizations.
Per-Instance and Per-Vertex Hue Variation
Each tree instance and/or each leaf can now be uniquely tinted, adding more variation with fewer assets.
Image-Based Ambient Lighting
More realistic ambient lighting.
for PlayStation® 4, Xbox® One, Windows (DX9/11/OpenGL), Xbox® 360, and PlayStation® 3.

SpeedTree Modeler changes include:
Subdivision Surfaces
Create procedurally generated subdivision surface models suitable for hero trees.
Improved Leaf LOD
New options for controlling the appearance of leaves during LOD transitions.  Have fewer triangles with a fuller look at lower LODs.
GUI Improvements
Slash modeling time with user interface and workflow enhancements, including a new “Focus” tool that presents only those portions of the tree being actively modeled, reducing certain processes from hours to minutes.
Floating License
The v7 Modeler may be activated by either a node-locked or floating license option.
New Generation Algorithms
Friendlier options for controlling how many and where tree components are placed.
Improved Control for Leaf Normals
Per-vertex controls for leaf normal manipulation.

  • Artists can take full control with the SpeedTree Modeler – it handles both ultra-realistic and highly stylized trees.
  • Save time with procedural modeling, or get exact results with hand drawing.
  • Precisely control crucial performance aspects including polygon counts, LOD transitions, and fill rate.
  • Gain access to the SpeedTree Model Library – hundreds of species and thousands of high-quality texture maps at your fingertips.
  • Create procedurally generated subdivision surface models suitable for hero trees.

  • Full source code is provided via the SpeedTree SDK. Drop the code right in, or modify it in any way.
  • Vast and efficient forests – the SDK has a highly optimized system to cull the trees that aren't visible and determine the LOD states of the ones that are.
  • The SpeedTree Compiler will automatically generate distant billboards and also stitch texture maps together into a shared atlas to reduce draw calls.
  • Our billboards are 360° (approach them from any direction) and normal-mapped (the lighting matches at any time of day). We also supply a horizontal billboard for bird's eye views.
  • We support multiple platforms without being a black box. Use only the C++ classes that you need, from full forest management to basic geometry access.