SpeedTree SDK

The engineering prowess that made SpeedTree the industry's premiere real-time foliage choice has been completely retooled, with huge strides in efficiency and ease of use.

SpeedTree SDK Features

  • Vast forest rendering. The incredible trees you have meticulously modeled will make it to real-time in huge, dense forests of efficient, animated goodness.
  • Improved rendering quality. Support built-in for shadow mapping, translucency, ambient occlusion, per-pixel lighting, alpha-to-coverage and more.
  • New level of detail system. New shader-based LOD system yields seamless transitions without popping or fizzling.
  • Boundless terrain and grass engines. Need a mountainous vista, a dramatic valley, or a meadow filled with windblown grasses? For the first time, the tools you need are all included.
  • Wind. Our gusting, wind-blown trees look more realistic than ever.

New in SpeedTree for Games 7

Rolling Wind

The Rolling Wind Control adds directional, wave-like wind effects for animating the natural motion of grass, trees and dense vegetation.

Hue Variation

With the version 7 SDK, hues can be varied per-instance and per-vertex to achieve more naturalist color and texture effects. Size and hue variation can give the appearance of many unique trees with just a single tree model.

Image-Based Ambient Lighting

This new SDK feature makes it easy to use images, such as sky backgrounds, to generate ambient lighting effects that are more true to the natural light of outdoor scenes.

Image-Based Ambient Lighting

It's Your Pipeline

SpeedTree allows any level of middleware integration or Unreal render engine integration with your development environment:


Partner Integration

SpeedTree integrations are available (or are being prepared for) a growing list of popular commercial engines. Ask your engine provider.


Drop-In Rendering Code

The SpeedTree reference application is offered as a thorough sample integration (with full C++ source). Use the complete SDK, or use just the components you need.


Static Mesh Export

When using your own LOD, wind, and forest management code, export meshes directly from the Modeler. FBX, OBJ and others supported – an export SDK is also available for writing custom exporters.