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Want to evaluate SpeedTree for your game or real-time project?

Evaluate SpeedTree for Games v7

Click the button to download an evaluation version of the entire SpeedTree for Games product suite.
The eval includes everything you'll need to fully integrate the SpeedTree SDK into your application.

SpeedTree for Unity 5 and UE4

If you are interested in using our subscription modeler for Unity 5 or Unreal engine,
follow the link to our store to get started today.

SpeedTree For Games Eval Version Includes:

Fully functional SDK headers and libraries for complete integration with DirectX (9, 10, & 11), OpenGL (Windows & MacOSX), Xbox® 360, PlayStation® 3, PlayStation® 4, Xbox One and PSVita.

Fully functioning versions of the SpeedTree Modeler and SpeedTree Compiler

Our eval Tree Model Library

Fill out this evaluation request form and email it to [email protected] or fax it back to us at (803) 356-2129. We'll normally respond the same day with FTP instructions and a key code to unlock the evaluation installer. The evaluation period is 30 days.

Not making games?

Follow these links to eval SpeedTree Cinema or SpeedTree Studio instead.

SpeedTree for Games v7

Learn more about SpeedTree for Games version 7 and what it offers.

SpeedTree 7