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    Making my own leaf textures

    How are leaves textures made in a profesional environment?

    I though of making them using images like these ( and using a program like CrazyBump and PS to make normal and spec maps with the images but I'm not quite sure the results I'm getting are good as it is really hard for me to look at my textures and see if they are actually good or bad.

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    You could certainly do that. You'll need a streaked edge or a relatively close color behind the texture on your color map. Good vs. bad textures rely heavily on the quality of your scan and the information available in the normal. You can use a program like Crazybump and test out your lighting on them inside of SpeedTree to judge the quality.

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    Hi AgusLan,

    That link is a good start, you can find a lot of sources for good leaves /w alphas. Especially nowadays, the quality is photoscan.

    - megascans
    - gumroad
    - shoot your own photos

    From there, I would suggest making some individual leaf meshes in a 3d application, and then using a tool like SpeedTree's Leaf Map Maker. Or the simplify tool.

    Hope that helps get you started!


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