SpeedTree Accolades

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“SpeedTree was essential in Luma's creation of the complex Yggdrasil tree in Thor: The Dark World, both shortening design time and improving on visual quality over other vegetation approaches we've previously used.”
– Vincent Cirelli, VP/Senior VFX Supervisor at Luma Pictures
“I found these SpeedTree features to be indispensable for open-world applications, and rather freeing to use as an artist and content creator.”
– Stephen Quirk, Art Director at Deep Silver Volition
“For the vegetation, SpeedTree was pretty much the only solution we used. It’s a really artist-friendly tool when you’re trying to create something organic.”
– Dan Wheaton, Digital Matte Supervisor at ILM
“SpeedTree has allowed us to have a much greater variety of trees than we ever could have had creating them ourselves or through outsourcing on the same budget.”
– Frank Wilson, Technical Director at Twisted Pixel
“We found SpeedTree great for what we needed to accomplish in a relatively short period of time, on Iron Man 3.”
– Artemis Oikonomopoulou, CG Supervisor at Cinesite

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