2016-12-06 Ubisoft® Adopts SpeedTree® Worldwide
2015-09-30 SpeedTree Awarded 2015 Engineering Emmy (2015-9-30
2015-04-16 SpeedTree® for Games v7 Out Today With Dramatic Leaps in Efficiency, Naturalism
2015-01-13 SpeedTree Receives a Scientific and Technical Academy Award
2014-11-18 SpeedTree for Unity 5 Beta Launched: $19/mo. Modeler Enables AAA Tree Editing
2014-07-16 Unreal Engine 4.3 Integrates SpeedTree® – AAA Tree Editing Option Available for $19/month
2014-01-22 SpeedTree® Brings Photo-Real Vegetation to The Wolf of Wall Street
2013-11-13 SpeedTree® v7 Released with Sub-D, Growth Animation, Alembic Support
2013-10-15 SpeedTree® to Build Vast Woodlands in Gameplay of Next-Gen The Witcher® 3
2013-09-10 SpeedTree® Real-Time Tools Enhance Creation Process for Saints Row IV™
2013-05-21 SpeedTree® for Games to Support Xbox One
2013-04-23 Bungie’s Destiny™ to Feature SpeedTree®
2013-02-21 SpeedTree Supports PlayStation 4
2012-11-28 SpeedTree for Games in HAWKEN
2012-10-16 SpeedTree Chosen for Forza Horizon
2012-10-15 New SpeedTree Architect Makes Realistic, 3D Vegetation Easier for Architectural Visualization (2…
2012-09-18 Gnomon School Selects SpeedTree 3D Tree/Plant Tools for CG Training
2012-08-28 SpeedTree Realism, Versatility Key in The Secret World
2012-08-01 SpeedTree for Games v6.2 Released With Deferred Rendering, Wind Wizard
2012-08-01 Wind Wizard, Improved Workflow in SpeedTree Cinema & Studio v6.2
2012-02-22 SpeedTree v6.1.1 Out Now, Delivers CINEMA 4D Support, Maya FBX Plug-In
2012-02-07 Magnetic Dreams Uses SpeedTree in Sesame Street, After
2012-01-30 TECMO KOEI GAMES Licenses SpeedTree For Numerous Games
2011-11-07 SpeedTree for Games 6.0 Released
2011-11-02 Mgame Chooses SpeedTree for Multiple Projects, Including Yulgang 2
2011-10-03 SpeedTree Makes for Better Monsters in The Witcher 2
2011-10-03 SpeedTree in Gears of War 3
2011-08-03 SpeedTree 6 Released, SpeedTree Studio announced for Windows, Mac, and Linux
2010-12-14 Lucasfilm Standardizes On SpeedTree For Vegetation, Was Used In Avatar
2010-07-23 SpeedTree Version 5.2 Released
2010-04-13 SpeedTree In Order of War: Challenge
2010-04-13 SpeedTree Featured in PlayStation® Home, other PS3 Titles
2010-03-19 SpeedTree Version 5.1 Released
2009-11-05 Dark Void™ Will Not Be Treeless, Thanks to SpeedTree®
2009-11-05 SpeedTree® Chosen for Risen
2009-11-05 Trainz™ Simulator 2010: Engineers Edition Features SpeedTree®
2009-11-05 Epic's New UDK Includes SpeedTree® 5
2009-09-17 SpeedTree® Gets Major Boost with Intel® Parallel Studio
2009-08-12 SpeedTree Chosen for America's Army 3
2009-07-30 SpeedTree Cinema Launched, Industrial Light & Magic Licenses
2009-03-18 SpeedTree 5.0 Beta to Debut at GDC '09
2009-03-03 SpeedTreeRT in SEGA Corporation's Empire: Total War™
2009-01-21 SpeedTreeRT Generates Foliage in Deer Hunter Tournament
2009-01-21 SpeedTreeRT in GolfBlaster®3D by DATAcrea
2009-01-21 SpeedTreeRT and THQ Announce Agreement
2008-10-15 SpeedTree Delivers Trees to Microsoft's Virtual Earth 3D
2008-10-15 Valkyria Chronicles Features SpeedTreeRT
2008-10-15 SpeedTreeRT Integrated with the OGRE Engine
2008-10-15 SpeedTreeRT Helps Bongfish, Destineer get Stoked
2008-10-15 Demands of Conan's Hyborian World Created Special Challenges for Funcom and SpeedTree
2008-10-15 Ascaron Chooses SpeedTreeRT for Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
2008-10-15 SpeedTreeRT for BlackFoot Studios' Sky Gods
2008-02-05 Microsoft® Licenses SpeedTreeRT
2007-11-15 Unreal Tournament 3 To Feature SpeedTreeRT
2007-10-09 Sierra Licenses SpeedTree For Multiple Games
2007-08-13 SpeedTreeRT for Brother In Arms Hell's Hightway™
2007-08-13 SpeedTreeRT chosen by Eidos Interactive, Pivotal Games
2007-08-13 SpeedTree featured in Redneck Kentucky
2007-08-13 Loki by Cyanide Studio to feature SpeedTreeRT
2007-08-13 SpeedTreeRT used in Settlers® 6
2007-05-14 Square Enix to use SpeedTree for UE3 in Last Remnant
2007-05-01 Savage 2 will include SpeedTreeRT
2007-05-01 SpeedTreeRT to appear in Global Agenda
2007-05-01 Radon Labs licenses SpeedTreeRT
2007-05-01 NetEase to use SpeedTreeRT in Tian Xia 2
2007-05-01 Zelian licenses SpeedTreeRT
2007-02-13 Bioware adopts SpeedTreeRT Company-Wide
2007-01-30 SpeedTreeRT Announces licenses from Bandai Namco, Lucas Arts, Epiphany Games, and others
2007-01-30 Cryptic Studios chooses SpeedTreeRT
2007-01-30 Cheyenne Mountain Studios to feature SpeedTreeRT in upcoming Stargate Worlds MMORPG
2006-11-01 SpeedTreeRT Appears in Multiple PLAYSTATION® 3 Launch Titles
2006-10-05 IDV joins the Unreal® Engine 3 Integrated Partners Program
2006-10-05 Blimey! Games Racing Title to Include SpeedTreeRT
2006-10-05 First Effort from 8monkey Labs to Include SpeedTreeRT
2006-10-05 Acquire Corp. to feature SpeedTreeRT in Way of the Samurai 3
2006-10-05 Evil Grin Licenses SpeedTreeRT
2006-09-13 Master Creating Licenses SpeedTreeRT for LEGEND: Hand of God
2006-06-21 SpeedTreeRT Chosen for Midway's Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War™
2006-06-21 KOEI Canada to feature SpeedTreeRT in Fatal Inertia
2006-06-21 Frontier Licenses SpeedTreeRT for two titles
2006-06-21 SpeedTreeRT licensed by People Can Fly
2006-06-21 Flying Lab to use SpeedTreeRT for Pirates of the Burning Sea
2006-06-21 CD Projekt licenses SpeedTreeRT for The Witcher
2006-06-21 Auran's Fury to feature SpeedTreeRT
2006-06-21 SpeedTreeRT to appear in joint project from Sibilant Interactive and Reveality Soft
2006-05-03 The Elder Scrolls® IV: Oblivion™ powered by SpeedTreeRT technology
2006-04-12 Atari-Published Neverwinter Nights 2 to use SpeedTreeRT
2006-04-12 Vivendi Universal’s much anticipated World In Conflict to feature SpeedTreeRT
2006-04-12 Secret Lair to use SpeedTreeRT for Unreal Engine 3
2006-04-12 10tacle licenses SpeedTreeRT
2006-04-12 Emergent licenses SpeedTreeRT
2006-04-12 SpeedTreeRT to appear in Novarama’s Fallen Lords: Condemnation
2006-03-21 BigWorld Technology Suite to Incorporate SpeedTreeRT
2006-02-21 SEGA Licenses SpeedTreeRT
2006-02-21 Trinigy partners with SpeedTreeRT
2006-02-21 Steel Monkeys to use SpeedTreeRT in 2 Days To Vegas
2006-02-21 Shadowpool licenses SpeedTreeRT
2006-02-21 EADS Deutchland licenses SpeedTreeRT
2006-02-21 1C Company Licenses SpeedTreeRT
2006-02-21 SpeedTreeRT licensed by Dimps Corporation
2006-01-13 SpeedTreeRT wins 2005 Frontline Award for middleware
2006-01-10 Frantic Games Licenses SpeedTreeRT
2006-01-10 Funcom uses SpeedTreeRT in Age of Conan
2006-01-10 Project Gotham Racing 3: Microsoft / Bizarre Creations chose SpeedTreeRT
2006-01-10 Game Factory Interactive licenses SpeedTreeRT
2006-01-10 The Multiverse Network Signs with SpeedTreeRT for Network Partnership
2006-01-10 Intelligent Soft Licenses SpeedTreeRT
2006-01-10 SpeedTreeRT used in Fallen Earth by Icarus Studios
2006-01-10 nFlavor Licenses SpeedTreeRT
2005-09-08 Saint's Row By Volition / THQ To Feature SpeedTree
2005-09-08 Ubisoft Licenses SpeedTreeRT
2005-09-08 Webzen Adds SpeedTreeRT To Two More Titles – Huxley, Endless Saga
2005-09-08 Silent Dreams Licenses SpeedTreeRT
2005-09-08 SpeedTreeRT To Appear In New Title By Running Games
2005-09-08 Nexon To Use SpeedTreeRT for ZerA
2005-09-08 Enigma Licenses SpeedTreeRT
2005-06-21 SpeedTreeRT used in 4HEAD Studio's The Guild II
2005-06-21 Insomniac Licenses SpeedTreeRT
2005-06-21 Piranha Bytes Licenses SpeedTreeRT for Gothic 3
2005-06-21 Silicon Knights Licenses SpeedTreeRT
2005-06-21 Perpetual Entertainment Licenses SpeedTreeRT
2005-06-21 SpeedTreeRT for Envisage Reality's Immortals: Heavenly Sage
2005-06-21 Expresso Fitness Licenses SpeedTreeRT
2005-06-21 Castaway Entertainment Licenses SpeedTreeRT
2005-04-26 Webzen licenses SpeedTreeRT for two titles
2005-04-26 SpeedTreeRT for Wildlife Park 2
2005-04-26 SpeedTreeRT in Imperator
2005-04-26 SpeedTreeRT chosen by Perfect World
2005-04-26 Phenomic licenses SpeedTreeRT
2005-04-26 New Cyanide title to feature SpeedTreeRT
2005-04-26 Gravity chooses SpeedTreeRT
2005-03-22 Bizarre Creations picks SpeedTree
2005-03-22 Imaginary Numbers licenses SpeedTreeRT
2005-03-22 SpeedTree licensed by Ternary Software
2005-03-22 SpeedTree licensed for Hero's Journey
2005-03-22 Second Life chooses SpeedTree
2005-03-16 SpeedTree Integrated with Unreal Engine 3.0
2005-03-09 SpeedTreeRT named sole foliage middleware partner for next generation Xbox®platform
2005-02-05 Magic Hat Software's MMORPG Irth Online to Feature SpeedTreeRT
2005-01-31 Real Time Worlds licenses SpeedTreeRT
2005-01-13 Larian Studios licenses SpeedTreeRT
2004-10-26 SpeedTreeRT licensed for golf title by CustomPlay Games
2004-09-20 Sigil Games Online licenses SpeedTreeRT for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes; MMORPG to be publ…
2004-09-14 New SpeedTreeRT Demo Trees of Pangaea™ is rele…
2004-06-01 SpeedTreeRT to play a vital role in the strategy and economics of RedBedlam's historically accur…
2004-05-11 SpeedTreeRT adds ultra-realistic feel to Smiling Gator's Twilight War: After the Fall
2004-05-04 SpeedTreeRT brings tactical combat revolution to Playnet's World War II Online
2004-04-27 NCsoft licenses SpeedTreeRT for Auto Assault Online Game
2004-04-05 SpeedTreeRT now fully integrated with Unreal™ Engine
2004-03-22 SpeedTreeRT will appear in new Monte Cristo Games release
2004-02-02 SpeedTreeRT to be featured in upcoming title by Big Huge Games
2003-10-22 SpeedTreeRT set to debut in Mythic Entertainment’s Trials of Atlantis
2003-10-01 'The Valley' Demo sets standard for real-time environments
2003-05-14 SpeedTreeRT winning recognition as industry standard;new version 1.5 boosts realism and efficien…
2003-03-17 SpeedTreeRT 1.4 delivers significant enhancements to tree creation software for Real-Time simula…
2003-02-19 SpeedTreeRT 1.4 delivers significant enhancements to ground-breaking tree creation software (Dis…
2002-12-10 IDV Releases SpeedTreeRT: ground-breaking tree creation software for game and visual simulation …