Help with SpeedTree’s tree model design & rendering software

We provide several ways to get help with SpeedTree products:

Our complete SpeedTree Modeler and Compiler User Manual docs are available online in an easy, searchable format. We’re always updating our online docs as we improve SpeedTree so you can learn about the latest enhancements at your own pace.

Our forums are a great way to get updates and help from SpeedTree developers and other users. You can join a discussion about tree modeling, new features, report a bug or even share your latest work.

Visit our SpeedTree YouTube Channel to find 30+ videos, including demos of the most popular SpeedTree features and tools. These tutorials are narrated by SpeedTree developers and artists.

Whether creating a single hero tree or designing an animated forest, you may have questions that we’re frequently asked about SpeedTree. Our FAQ web page answers many common SpeedTree questions.

Would you like to take your team of artists and developers to the next level of SpeedTree awesomeness? Let us send one of our expert trainers to your studio location for personalized SpeedTree instruction and tutoring.
Email us at [email protected] to find out more.

Can’t find a solution after exploring the other support options? Use our online request form. Your support request will be reviewed and answered promptly by developers and artists who know SpeedTree inside and out.