SpeedTree Modeler

The SpeedTree Modeler will change the way you think about procedural content creation. Never again will video game animation artists need to sacrifice design choices and settle for a look and feel bound by a limited set of quirky function buttons. Now you can integrate trees and lifelike vegetation into game environments, customized in a way never before possible. Our modeler has been revamped for version 7 with time saving improvements to the GUI and powerful new features. Designed to be intuitive, but powerful, the SpeedTree Modeler is a powerful tool in the hands of artists and an efficient way to meet the large scale demands of modern games.

SpeedTree Modeler Features

  • Hand drawing. Draw branch structures directly in the viewport using a tablet device or the mouse.
  • Break a branch, then cap it realistically; or delete individual branches & leaves entirely.
  • Use forces to curl, twist, or gnarl any tree part.
  • Grow around props. Make trees grow around or inside arbitrary meshes from your world.
  • Scale resolution. Quickly scale the amount of polygonal detail without affecting the shape of your model.
  • Preview dynamics. Test real-time physics interaction, wind, and LOD all in the Modeler.
  • Edit individual tree parts without affecting the rest of the tree. Our node-editing approach lets you tune or delete any branch, frond, or leaf.
  • World building with tree placement export directly from the Modeler. (not included with SpeedTree Studio or SpeedTree Architect).
  • Weld branches. No more lighting seams or branch intersections.


SpeedTree for Games 7 SDK Sneak Peak at the latest features.

See the SpeedTree 7 Modeler in Action

New Features in SpeedTree 7 for Games

GUI Improvements

The new, streamlined user interface in version 7 will slash modeling time and ease your overall workflow. This includes the new "Focus" tool which allows you to focus on parts of the model, while also enhancing responsiveness in close detail work.

GUI Interface Toolbar
Subdivision Surfaces

Use this highly-anticipated feature to easily create procedurally generated subdivision surface models that are ideal for “hero tree” pipelines and more.

New Leaf Normal Controls

The new Modeler includes leaf editing controls for more complex 3D shape variations and customization of broadleaves.